IT Repair

We offer a fast and reliable PC/Network repair service.

Our emergency number puts you directly through to the technician themselves, no call holding, answering services or excuses. Our computer repair technicians represent our company and we pride ourselves on the ability to assess the fault and report back to the client within 4 hours and have a cost to repair at the same time. Issues such as a broken laptop screen, keyboard replacements, troubleshooting a computer that will not boot up at all will be no problem for our computer repair technicians. The Networking specialist will handle anything that has to do with internet, networking, or connectivity between devices. The networking specialist can handle many different problems with connections ranging from small home networks with a few computers to business class networks with many computers and servers. Then there is the Technical Support Staff who can take care of many computer problems remotely. With just a few click of the mouse you can be hooked up to a technician and he can fix your computer and solve your problems from anywhere in the country.